The Future of Events - PAPERLESS The Future of Events - PAPERLESS

In the light of the recent Covid 19 global pandemic crisis, consumers and event planners will require to take into consideration the aftermath of conducting events like weddings, receptions, business seminars, baby showers and the list goes on. This global pandemic has fundamentally changed the lives and views of many individuals, businesses and organizations. 

That is why, many businesses have shifted their business models paradigms, moving from a traditional-based brick and mortar stores to digitalization a completely new platform accommodating to consumer needs and purposes. With these new business changes and challenges, consumers shopping behaviour has evidently been forced to immediately change and interact with new platforms to prohibit the spread of Covid 19 supported by immediate precautionary measures and tools. 

What are we offering today in line with Covid 19?

As we are heading towards the “Future of Events”, Invite Me has designed a tool aided to support the prevention of Covid 19, which is by going PAPERLESS. We are creating a tool whereby consumers and companies are able to invite their guests using several communication methods instead of the old traditional physical invitations. 


By creating and uploading your personalized digital invitations you will be able to track and manage your guest list using any device such as smartphones, laptop or desktop. You will have your own dashboard to manage events and track attendees. 

What is the communication channel tools?

Your guests can receive their digital invitation cards through SMS or Emails. (More is yet to come!). 

What other features does “Invite Me” it includes?

So, you don’t get lost on the way, Google Map will be with you every step of the way. So, there’s no reason to be late to your destination point.

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